Welcome to new possibilities through disruptiveness.


If you’re looking to transform yourself or your team into your best possible selves, this process offers you the ability to achieve this.

At Pause-i we create an open-ended process through exploration and adventure. This adventure is aimed at addressing limited self-perceptions by creating a flexible mind.

We find that a fast-paced curriculum does not deliver sustainable change and therefore we create pauses in this disruptive encounter.

No set agenda or formula is presented as we set out exploring and understanding your or your team’s needs, allowing us to collaboratively develop a process.

In short, we start with an initial meeting to determine whether our approach fits you or your teams needs.


Surprising and fascinating outcomes motivate us to develop processes that bring our participants in touch with the magic within.

Our shared interest in the fresh manifestations of alternative culture makes us formula averse. Rather than pushing for a predictable outcome we seek a balance between the control of tradition and unfettered breakthroughs.

Both of us work in contexts where we cut through the trends that seem to mark the fields of self-development and psychology currently. We’re not under the illusion that we deliver something new. We simply apply the principles of process, which is the ability to allow people to grow at their own pace. This differs from manicured goal-oriented models of self-development.



– Groups in carefully selected environments

1-day and residential adventures for groups of up to 10 members. Time is spent between solitude, adventuring and facilitated group discussions.

These full immersives are preceded and followed by group or individual interactions:

– Pre-group meeting

We do an initial assessment, creating a baseline of participants’ expectations and internal drivers.

– Post-group meeting

These follow-up sessions aim to facilitate the integration and internalisation of the full immersive and everyday life (internalisation).


The process manifests itself through adventuring, group interactions and individual conversations.

Although our approach is flexible our focus is to take a participant to a psychological precipice. The ‘precipice’ is an awareness of the present moment as it presents itself to each individual internally and externally. This functions as an opportunity for a participant to engage directly with his or her reality – with a sense of immediacy.

Each individual determines the verge of the precipice for him or herself as one creates a reflective distance between oneself and one’s internal motivations. This appreciative and reflective process encourages engagement with one’s self-imposed limitations. The internal precipice could be a full adjustment or to ‘be’.


Finally grounding and normalisation of the experience is important as it helps to integrate and incorporate new understandings into everyday life. We support individuals to internalise the experience, concentrating on merging it with their belief systems. Securing this internalisation sets the experience up as a reference to reset the future.



I am a life long muted conceptual artist.  The systemic artistry I involve myself with is of exploration, deconstruction and conceptual construction.


My interests lie in spiritual care, psychotherapy and the meaning making possibilities these intersecting disciplines offer us. I am curious about the evolution of our minds.


Once we have established your needs and group size, we’ll present a quote with all costs involved.


Please contact us directly to note your interest or enquire about our tailor making an experiential group for you.


Johan Truter

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Herman Holtzhausen

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